Meet Lymarie

Photo © Kelly Parnell

I am a blessed mother of three kind, wise, beautiful scholar athletes. My photography journey actually started with them, in the audience of their every activity.

As I discovered that clicking the shutter helped calm my nerves, allowed us to relive exciting or meaningful moments, and let my children and their buddies feel like major stars, I also found that I had a gift for capturing small, yet emotional moments in time . . . and a new passion was born.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to shoot the range of t-ball games in local parks to division one football at major universities. 

I have photographed seniors, recitals, families, sports of all kinds, couples, weddings, and children.  The great thing is that regardless of the settings or occasions, what I love most about my job never changes:  when my subjects see their images, they feel FAMOUS, BIGGER than LIFE… and doesn’t everyone deserve to feel that once in a while?

Now that you know a bit more about me, I would love to know more about you! Contact me via the contact button above, find me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram!

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